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You can find all FAQs here. In case of any queries kindly write to us at

  • Are cross-university teams allowed?
    Yes, you can co-author with a participant not from the same organisation as you.
  • What is the maximum number of co-authorships allowed?
    A maximum of 3 (three) co-authors can submit an abstract together.
  • Whether the event is being held in hybrid mode?
    Yes, the event is being held in hybrid mode. The abstract submission and registration fee deadline remain the same for both online and offline participants.
  • Will a certificate of presentation be provided?
    Yes, if you are presenting the paper then you shall be provided with a certificate of presentation.
  • Where can I submit my abstract if I have not received an email
    In case you are unable to submit the abstract through the website, kindly follow the following steps: Clear your browser cookies and try again If you are still unable to submit, kindly email us your difficulty at Alternatively, you can submit your abstract at this link.
  • What is the official time zone of Colloquium?
    The official time zone of the Colloquium is IST- Indian Standard Time (GMT+5:30).
  • What is the cost for registration, and from where can I register?
    The participants whose abstracts get selected, will have to register for the event from the website. The registration fee for the same would vary as per nationality and the membership status of your institution/organisation. You can visit this link for more information.
  • How are the rooms allocated at the accommodation venues?
    The rooms shall be allocated on single-occupancy basis. For any additional requirement, the participants are requested to contact the hotel staff directly.

Further, for any visa related issues, kindly refer to the visa guidelines published on the website and in case of any other, kindly email us at 

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