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Prof. (Dr.) S. Shanthakumar

Faculty Convener, GCESCJ

Director, Gujarat National Law University

Foreword: Celebrating a Vision of Change

Dear Readers,

It is with immense pleasure and a sense of profound purpose that I extend my warmest greetings to you on the occasion of the release of the Inaugural Issue of the Newsletter, brought to you by the dedicated student members of the Eco-Club and the Center for Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Justice at Gujarat National Law University.

In an age where the urgency of environmental conservation and sustainable living has never been more evident, our institution has embarked on a remarkable journey towards fostering a community that is actively engaged in understanding and addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation. The creation of this newsletter is an embodiment of our commitment to this noble cause.

Throughout these pages, you will find a collection of insightful articles, informed perspectives, and passionate voices that reflect the tireless efforts of our student members to advocate for a sustainable and ecologically responsible future. These young minds are not merely the torchbearers of change; they are the architects of a brighter, more sustainable world.

The content of this newsletter delves into diverse themes: from climate justice and biodiversity conservation to sustainable development practices and eco-friendly initiatives. It is our hope that these articles will not only inform but inspire you to take an active role in preserving our planet for future generations.

The Eco-Club and the Center for Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Justice at Gujarat National Law University represent the essence of student-led initiatives in the realm of environmental conservation. These passionate and dedicated individuals are a testament to the power of collective action and the impact that students can make when they come together with a shared vision.


As we embark on this remarkable journey through the pages of our Inaugural Issue, let us be reminded of the collective responsibility we bear as stewards of this planet. It is our duty to protect, preserve, and restore the environment for the well-being of all living creatures and the harmony of our ecosystems. Let us harness the knowledge and inspiration that this newsletter provides to bring about positive change in our communities, institutions, and beyond.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors, editors, and the tireless members of the Eco-Club and the Center for Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Justice who have made this newsletter possible. Your commitment and passion are truly remarkable, and your dedication serves as a beacon of hope for our future.

As we celebrate this Inaugural Issue, may it serve as a testament to our collective resolve, reminding us that the power to create a sustainable and just world resides within each one of us. Together, we can be the change-makers, the guardians of our planet, and the voices of reason in a world yearning for a sustainable and equitable future.

Thank you for joining us in this noble endeavor. Together, we will continue to champion environmental sustainability, justice, and the preservation of our beautiful planet.


Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. S. Shanthakumar
Gujarat National Law University
October 19, 2023

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