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Green Hills

Our Research

The Research Wing of GCESCJ serves as the intellectual nucleus of our centre's multifaceted mission. Committed to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and driving change, our Research Wing is at the forefront of cutting-edge environmental, sustainability, and climate justice research.


Welcome to The GCESCJ Blog, your window into the dynamic world of environmental law, sustainability, and climate justice!


More than just a collection of articles, it's a platform where ideas flourish, knowledge blooms, and conversations ignite.


Welcome to the quarterly newsletter by the GNLU Centre for Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Justice (GCESCJ).

Our newsletter serves as a beacon of knowledge and a bridge to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and climate justice.

In each edition, we curate a diverse array of articles, updates, and stories that illuminate the pressing issues and innovative solutions in the realm of environmental law and sustainability.

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